Boat Lifts


Best Boat and Jet-ski Lifts in the Industry

At Dependable Docks we are proud to offer HydroHoist® lifts and our own heavy duty Jet-Ski lifts.

While your boat is meant to be in water, getting your boat out of the water when it is not in use is the best thing for your boat, and keeping it safe while it is out of the water is of the utmost importance.  Let our HydroHoist® certified experts help you pick which lift is best to protect your investment and let our HydroHoist® certified installers get the most out of your boat lift.

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HydroHoist® Lift Videos

HydroHoist® Boat Lifts HP EXTREME™ Dual Jet Ski Lift

Jet-Ski Drive On Lifts

The best way to dock your personal watercraft

Your personal watercraft can give your hours of fun on the water, then when it is time to get it out of the water the drive on lifts are the best way to do it.  We are a proud distributor of: 

bow guide

Lift Accessories

Fine tune your lifts with lift accessories from HydroHoist® available at Dependable Docks.

  • Bow Guides
  • Corner Bumpers
  • Centering Guides
  • Plank Kits
  • Lockers/Storage Containers

Heavy Duty Jet-Ski Lifts

At Dependable Docks we carry our own line of heavy duty, high wake Jet-Ski lifts.

If your Jet-Ski lift is going to be exposed to high wake or extreme conditions we have the lift for you.  The Dependable Dock Jet-Ski lift has a welded, all galvanized frame that can hold up in the harshest conditions.